One Day Too Late,
Your Car Warranty
Has Expired!
Car Warranty Check-Up, Maintenance and Repair

An $84.95
Car Inspection
Could Have
Saved You
Thousands of Dollars

Find Some Free Money?
Sitting Inside Your New Automobile Warranty

Is Your New Car Warranty Still Valid?
An End-Of-Warranty Discovery Vehicle Inspection
Could Save You Thousands Of Dollars

One day or more after your new car warranty suddenly find that you have $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 or more, of repair work to be done. If you knew that a couple weeks, or a couple hundred miles sooner it would have all been FREE under warranty!! Knowledge is power and can be a huge savings for you.

Bring your car, SUV, mini-van or pick-up truck to us several weeks and several hundred miles before the new car warranty expires.

  • We have the "known problems" reports on every vehicle.
  • We'll check that list and inspect your vehicle to see if you are showing signs of or are having any of these problems.
  • We'll give you a full report that you can take to the dealership to get these items fixed for FREE!

For only $84.95. If The Car Dealership Will Not Do The Work Under Warranty For Free We Will Do It And Subtract The $84.95 From The Service Price.

Save Money on New Car Warranty Check-Up
Save Money Today!

Get Your Automobile Problems Fixed For FREE With Your New Car Warranty!
New Car, SUV, Mini-Van, or Truck Warranty Inspection is often looked over by many of our customers. However, finding out before potential car problems get out of hand and cost you a bundle, check your automobile warranty agreement or bring your car to us and we will be able to do the vehicle warranty inspection for you and give you a full report.

You do not want to miss out on this opportunity to find out how to fix your car problems for FREE! Yes, your new vehicle warranty covers your car repair and service problems at any expense for FREE! It can truly save you time and money in the long run.

New Car Warranty InspectionSo visit us today about your new car warranty inspection, so we can help you. We have a list of known problem reports for your car, SUV, mini-van or pick-up truck based on makes and models. We will be able to inspect your vehicle for these known problems and if your automobile shows any signs of having the known problems for that specific make and model. This is a highly useful list that could save you thousands of dollars. You will get to take this list to the car dealership and get these car problems fixed for FREE under your new automobile warranty.

The economic times are hard and we understand that our customers are trying to save here and there, so don't let a simple thing like a new car warranty expiring on you prevent you from saving money. Let our experienced staff of trained and certified ASE technicians help you get an inspection report today. So, don’t hesitate and if you have any questions, please give us a call.

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