Except For Vehicle Recalls And Auto Factory Warranty Work You Never Have To Go Back To The Car Dealership

At first I was down right
afraid to take my car anywhere
else other than the car dealership. I
thought they'd void my car warranty
if I went anywhere else.
Then I found out about the
Magnuson-Moss Act. By law, any
certified shop can work on your
car without voiding the warranty.
I go to Scranton Auto Service.

Scranton Auto Service - The Trusted Dealership Alternative - Since 1992

Scranton Auto Service is a fully certified auto repair shop and is completely qualified to perform any service or maintenance on your car, suv, mini-van or pick-up truck and our service will keep your car factory warranty in tact.
So there is no need to struggle with car dealership service, when you have a qualified, friendly, local neighborhood auto service facility near your home. Next time your car, suv, mini-van or truck needs maintenance or repair, why not give us a try? You'll notice a difference with your very first visit.
Dealership Warranty Service and Repair

Worried about keeping your new car warranty intact and think you can only go to the car dealership for car, SUV, mini-van or pick-up truck service, repairs and maintenance? Well, good news, you can take your automobile to Scranton Auto Service without ruining your new car warranty with the car dealership. By law, we are authorized to work on all maintenance and repairs for your vehicle. This means you only have to go the car dealership for vehicle recalls and car factory warranty work and you get to avoid the long wait and the long lines.
Fast, Simple & Easy
Automotive Service & Repair

scranton-auto-service-dealership-alternativeAt Scranton Auto Service, we understand our customer's concerns and we take them into full consideration when we work on their cars. We make it easy and simple to come to our shop for new car warranty inspection, repairs, scheduled maintenance or just general car service instead of going through the hassle of the dealership. We have 20 years experience and have a highly trained and ASE Certified staff of auto technicians to work on the complicated cars of today. We understand your car problems and we give you personalized attention unlike the dealership at prices that are more affordable.

Come on in today and experience our friendly staff, faster service time and the convenience of being your local neighborhood auto repair shop.