Serving You and Your Car Is What Scranton Auto Service Is All About!

Giving You Friendly Attention, Pro-Quality Auto Repair Service and Maintenance, At Prices Well Below The Dealership, Scranton Pennsylvania (PA) For All Major American Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Minivans and Vans, Servicing Ford, Chevy, Cadillac, Lincoln, Chrysler, Jeep, And Japanese Imports, Lexus, Infiniti, Acura, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, And Lexus.

Most Likely...

Auto Service & Repair Scranton PA...the reason you are on the internet looking for an auto repair shop is that you are either new to the area or you are looking for something better, more friendly and maybe even a little more honest than the auto service shop you are going to right now.

Well - we invite you to take a look at our web site - get a feel for who we are - and we invite you to go to the
Web Specials page to check out the auto oil change discount we have - just for you to give us a try. Print out that special and call us for an appointment right now - 570-347-4056.

Remember - we carry BG Products. The finest lubrication products in the nation for all your automotive systems maintenance. We firmly believe in auto maintenance. Keeping up with your car maintenance is the very best thing you can do to save money on auto repairs and to eliminate automotive breakdowns.

An Auto Repair Shop For Everyone

Auto repair services for every make and model of car, SUV, crossover, van and pickup truck on the road today. Complete auto service is the rule at Scranton Auto Service. Automotive repair for all makes and models. From a simple auto oil change, to a major engine overhaul or repair, and everything in between, we can do it all. And have done it well for 20 years.

We Are Not Here Just To Repair Your Car

Our main job is to serve you. We are friendly people here for only one reason - to serve you and to service your car no matter what the problems is.

If you have a car problem like, your car is stalled or your car won't start, we can help. If you hear strange sounds under the hood or from the brakes, steering or suspension, we can find the problem and fix it fast. Whatever your car repair need is we can fix auto problems quickly to bring your car back to factory specification - at Scranton Auto Service.

Come In And Give Us A Try
With Something Simple Like An Oil Change

It's not just car service, it's People Service too! We treat your car with the greatest respect and treat you like a friend. Stop in and give us a try with something simple like an oil change. If you don't like us, that's OK. We understand. You must feel always feel comfortable with the auto repair shop you work with. Your car is your second most important investment, and it must be right. But we bet, that once you try us, you will be back again and again. Our car and people service is just that good.

Some people think they have a "PROBLEM CAR" when what they really have is simply a "CAR PROBLEM". A highly trained and experienced auto repair mechanic can tell the difference very quickly. It us usually a couple independent problems that multiply the feeling that you have a problem car, when a few simple repairs can correct the car problem.
Scranton Auto Services and Maintenance

The Auto Oil Change
The Underlying Foundation
Of All Auto Repair Service

If you think your car is important, and want to save money on auto repair, whatever you do, do not miss your oil change! Without it car problems will sneak up on you and you won’t know until you have a breakdown. Oil change - car inspection - necessity!

Auto Maintenance And Repair Services:

Oil change, automotive maintenance, tune ups, engine repair, air conditioning maintenance service & repair, car maintenance for all systems, auto engine repair, auto air conditioning repair, replace engine, computer diagnostics, engine diagnostic testing, computer diagnosis for all automotive systems, car condition inspection, electrical system diagnosis and repair, all factory scheduled maintenance 30,000 miles (30k) 60,000 mile (60k) 90,000 mile (90k) scheduled services, steering repair, shocks repair, suspension repair, struts repair, water pump service repair or replacement, cooling system service and repair, radiator repair, muffler and exhaust service and repair, transmission service, emission repair, auto car repair, tire mounting and repair, new tire sales, wheel balance, fix flat tires, wheel alignment, used car pre-purchase inspection, maintenance inspection, automotive electrical system service and repair, timing belt adjustment or replacement, diagnose check engine light.
Auto Transmission Flush Service

Auto Air Conditioning Service

Automotive Wheel Alignment

Automotive Brake Repair