We are so confident in our workmanship that instead of giving you the average auto repair warranty of 12 months/ 12,000 miles, we give you a full 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

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Scranton Auto Service

Why A Great Auto Repair & Service
Warranty Is So Very Important
To You - The Customer

An Auto Repair Shop
That Really Cares About
Their Customers...

...will give you an above average warranty. A great auto repair service shop owner will make sure that you feel more than comfortable about working with them.

At Scranton Auto Service, we want you to know that we stand behind our work - and - we stand with you to make sure your car repair is done right. 100% GUARANTEED!

So much so that if anything happens to the parts or automotive systems that we work on, we will cover that repair at no cost to you for a 100% Lifetime Guarantee.


Giving You A 100% Lifetime Guarantee
Automotive Repair Warranty

A Warranty Means Two Things To The Customer

One: It is an indicator of how confident the auto repair shop is. It tells you a lot about their diagnostic equipment, their tools, the quality of the parts and products they use - and the ability and experience of their mechanics. Only the best auto repair shops can offer an above average warranty because they do it right.

A shop that offers cheap prices for auto repair have to cut costs somewhere. They usually do it by cutting out quality parts and products, they do not have the proper diagnostic equipment and they hire low level - low cost mechanics to work on your car.

Run from a 90 day warranty! Think twice and double check even a standard 12/12 warranty, even if you have to pay more for their auto service. Buying cheap auto repair service may be the most expensive auto repair you ever buy.

Two: A great service, repair and parts warranty is a tremendous comfort zone for you - the customer. When you know that this auto repair shop feels strong enough to give you a warranty that is better - 150% better - than average you can be sure they are for real. When an auto repair service shop can stand behind their work like that, you know you can trust them. And, Scranton Auto Service has been around for 20 years to prove it.

Scranton Auto Service is so confident in their auto repair workmanship, their mechanics and their first quality parts - that instead of giving you the average auto repair warranty of 6 months or even a 12/12, Scranton Auto Service gives you a full 100% Lifetime Guarantee warranty on labor!

Great Auto Repair Service Allows For A Great Warranty

To be able to offer a higher than normal service, repair and parts warranty, you must be really good at what you do. You must diagnose auto repair problems with accuracy, repair them with certainty and anticipate the resultant outcome with perfection. If you don’t, the auto shop owner will be doing the repair over at his own cost. Only a great car repair shop can offer a great warranty.

Since 1992 Scranton Auto Service has delivered parts, service and friendly customer attention that has created an unbeatable reputation in the Scranton PA area.

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